StaffÖzlem Erten

Özlem Erten

lead global, staff, Corporate team building

Özlem is a certified coach trained by Coached Training Institute (CTI, USA), The Center for Right Relationship (CRR Global), and the Eurasian Gestalt Coaching Program.

Özlem started her career in banking in 1991. Working for top-ranked international banks and occupying executive roles for 20 years, Özlem developed leadership, stress management, effective communication and problem solving skills.

In 2011, she Özlem decided to leave her banking career, motivated to share her broad corporate experience with others and help people in their career paths.

Locally, Özlem currently co-heads the Co-Active Community in Turkey and delivers career, executive and relationship coaching services to individuals, teams and groups.

As a member of the Lead Global team, she works in the international arena and is part of the development of projects in Europe and the US.

Özlem is a graduate of University of Southampton, Middle East Technical University (Management) and TED Ankara College. Her personal interests are sailing, astrology and yoga.