StaffRoatem Avisar

Roatem Avisar


Roatem is Lead Global’s Sales & Marketing Manager. A Co-Active coach and a graduate of CTI Israel coaching school, Roatem fell in love with Lead Global’s programs, method and culture. She decided to join Lead Global so that she could promote its activities (as well as CTI Israel’s).

Prior to her current position, Roatem managed the Israeli branch of SANDEMAN’s New Europe, a global tourist company, for four productive years. During her time at SANDEMAN’s, Roatem led the company’s development and marketing efforts in Israel, bringing tourists from all over the world closer to Israeli history and culture.

Roatem has a BA in Humanities and Film & Television Studies from Tel Aviv University. She enjoys art, literature, music and film. Roatem also enjoys traveling and acquainting herself with diverse cultures.