StaffWendy F. Gutin

Wendy F. Gutin

lead global, staff, Corporate team building

Wendy is an expert in supporting new coaches as they go through their training, and coaches executives, business owners, and people both inside and outside of organizations on life and leadership issues.

She also coaches partnerships and teams. Wendy is a certified Co-Active coach (CPCC, PCC) and an Organizational Relationship System Coach, as well as a CTI faculty member and leader of coach-training workshops.

Wendy loves to work with those who are making transformational changes in their lives, whether creating a non-profit, starting a new business, becoming a parent, racing in a triathlon, or moving across the world.

She partners with motivated people who want to expand their creativity, take more risks, and maximize their potential, both professionally and personally.

Wendy brings warmth, wisdom, a sense of humor and a varied background that includes journalism, teaching, and motherhood.