About Lead Global

Lead Global helps organizations worldwide develop their 'out-of-the-box' leadership capabilities. Utilizing a systematic, multilayered approach, we coach and train executives and teams within all organizational tiers, allowing them to identify their unique strengths and realize their full potential.

Lead by company CEO and Certified Coach Dr. Anat Treister-Goren, Lead Global helps individuals, teams and large systems grow in leadership presence, vision and impact.

We empower top and mid-level management, and up-and-coming executives and entrepreneurs, to create viable action plans by tapping their social, emotional and cognitive intelligence, as well as their intuition and senses.

When people within organizations are empowered, amazing things can happen. This is why we cultivate inspired collective leadership, which designs communication bridges and constructs engines for positive change. Executives who dare to fulfill their vision and teams that utilize authentic communication create win-win situations for everyone – especially for their respective organizations – that are extremely beneficial in today's economic climate.

We believe that the foundation for business success lies in interpersonal relationships. We infuse our expertise in co-active coaching, situational leadership, organizational relationship system coaching, process psychology and appreciative inquiry with elements from academia, hi-tech and theater, as a basis for tailor-made models and methods that bring out the very best in our clients.

Our proven record of accomplishment includes result-based coaching and training within diverse corporations worldwide, tailored to specific needs and requests. From quick initial assessment to in-depth applications, we measure and monitor success throughout the entire process. Most importantly, we instill self-sustainable structures that ensure constant personal, collective and organizational growth.

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