The Ripple Inspiration

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The Ripple Inspiration: When Coaching becomes an Organizational Culture Change Catalyst


Organizations working within multi-cultural environments are always trying to create cultural alignment across geographic locations. The attempt to instill the organization’s culture and unique DNA across all global locations is not an easy task, and can take some very hard work and effort to create and maintain. Yet, sometimes, welcomed organizational culture change and alignment occur due to positive local-level processes.

Organizational coaching processes aspire to create behavioral change on both management and team levels, which in turn affects the organization’s culture as a whole. Many global organizations request coaching processes for specific local subsidiaries, offices, managers, department and teams, in order to help them fulfill specific goals, objectives or tasks within their areas of responsibility.

Global offices and subsidiaries are connected via a vast organizational network and master-culture, so that when a specific office or company undergoes positive change, the other offices can sense it. The change is evident in communication tones, leadership styles, commitment to goals, and enhanced results. Many times, when other offices sense this positive change – they get inspired. They want in.

The Ripple Inspiration
We like to compare this chain of events, where a company/division on one side of the world inspires those on the other side, like an expanding ripple in the middle of a lake. When a company begins to experience the benefits of organizational coaching, the results can be quite powerful. The cultural change can be so dramatic, that the organization’s other companies/offices/divisions throughout the world notice it immediately.

Global enterprise, global perspective
Inspiration. Sometimes that is all it takes to set the wheels in motions for meaningful organizational change on a global level. But what’s most amazing is the window of opportunity that opens for global cultural alignment. What begins with sharing transformative processes and methods, can result in some incredibly desired organizational results: enhanced collaborative leadership, improved cross-functional interaction, and effective empowerment via feedback. Let’s also not forget the cherry on top: a stronger, more dominant global system perspective, and an organizational culture that is geared towards extracting value from its diverse local perspectives, for the benefit of the entire organization and its employees.

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