The Short Term Blast  

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The following is an example of how a short-term coaching intervention (“short-term blast”) can really made a difference in revenue.

The client: a global bank
Location: USA

Lead Global worked with a bank, whose US private and commercial banking divisions were expected to collaborate in order to maximize profit. Yet the two divisions were reluctant to work together, and division members met any such attempt with great resistance.

Lead Global began the intervention process by conducting an international collaboration workshop for 60 private and commercial division managers from the bank’s global offices, where they received extensive collaborations training and were equipped with tools that would better prepare them for future collaborations with colleagues.

After the workshop, Lead Global flew to the United States to meet with the private and commercial field staff, who worked in separate headquarters and were reluctant to work together as one team. Lead Global initiated a Collaboration Lab workshop, which had an immediate effect: after a mere few hours, the threshold was crossed and a simulation began on how the collaboration would look and feel like.

Following the International workshop and the Collaboration Lab workshop, the two divisions began working together, and as expected – the bank’s revenues increased dramatically.

The Lead Process

Evaluation & Assessment

Choosing the appropriate
method and tools of action

Experiential Learning


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