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A Turkish company with great promise is finally starting to realize its potential by tapping into its pro-active leadership capabilities.

Imperial Tobacco Turkey, which is part of the successful global Imperial Brands Group, called on Lead Global’s assistance after realizing/deciding they needed to address low employee engagement scores (or take a very different approach after years of low engagement scores), and that the communication and trust levels between stakeholders could also be significantly improved.

The intervention process goal was to transform senior and mid-level management into pro-active leaders, as well as bridging between senior and mid-level teams and creating a unified team culture. The expected outcome was a team that would engage the entire company towards a new and inspired path.

The six-month process included three separate workshops with mid-level managers, additional workshops incorporating senior and mid-level management, and a large company employee event.

“Nati is doing a very good job at helping our organization,” says Fredrik Stahle, General Manager of Imperial Tobacco’s Eastern Mediterranean Cluster. “She helped us establish a common language regarding a number of topics.”

Throughout the process, the company was able to establish a new team identity within senior team leaders, which helped drive it towards newfound success. Six months later, employee engagement scores rose significantly, and are still rising. Most importantly, the company’s profits are also on the rise.

“Given how pleased I am with the results, we are currently looking to build on what has been accomplished,” says Stahle. “We are currently designing a leadership program that will help us sustain results, as well as delve deeper into our leadership roles. This will include assisting leaders develop their feedback giving / providing skills, which will help them take accountability and leadership over their own actions and roles.”

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