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An internal coaching system instilled and cultivated within a leading non-profit organization has reshaped its culture, while helping it face global challenges with success.

The client: a leading global non-profit organization
Location: Worldwide

A leading global non-profit organization, which is taking great measures to provide help to those in need all over the world, set out on an ambitious goal: to improve management methodologies and inter-team relationships, in order to facilitate greater impact all over the world.

Lead Global recognized the need to empower the organization’s cross-functional small teams; the first step was to work with senior management, helping them relegate control and authority to the team in the field. Quickly, the organization and Lead Global identified the need to instill an “in-house” coaching system within the organization, in order to sustain long-term impact. Specific managers were selected for coach-approach training, which enabled them to manage their staff via an empowering “coach-based” toolset.

What began as a small-scale project within the scope of a single location in Europe, naturally expanded to seven additional locations in Europe, Africa and the Far East. The work includes team crisis resolution, team building, enhancement of leadership skills and cross-cultural workshops. The majority of the work is currently being facilitated by the organization’s internal coach-trained staff, with Lead Global providing supervision and guidance.

This ambitious process has helped the organization develop a unified global language and culture, which is entirely unique and bears its organizational DNA. This is a culture designed to help people – and is making a true difference.

The Lead Process

Evaluation & Assessment

Choosing the appropriate
method and tools of action

Experiential Learning


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