Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

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Lead Global’s Executive Coaching helps executives and organizations realize their objectives, while instilling a sense of fulfillment and deepening inter-personal relationships.

Executive coaching is an empowering process that helps executives increase their effectiveness within their respective organizations, by utilizing creative leadership tools and embracing a positive professional outlook. The coaching process not only enhances the executive’s existing leadership capabilities, but also helps identify and overcome barriers by effectively tapping internal cognitive and emotional resources.

Executive coaching improves the executive’s ability to empower co-workers, manage conflicts, generate positive communication and grow both personally and professionally. This is achieved in part due to a robust coaching platform that creates a ‘safe space’ for courageous out-of-the-box thinking, mutual brainstorming and a sincere, non-judgmental atmosphere.

The process examines the executive’s relationships with surrounding environments beneficial to the organization’s success, including fellow executives, co-workers, clients, investors, partners, managers and more. It is a journey that examines deep core values, as a basis for meaningful change.

The initial coaching session takes place in the presence of one of the organization’s senior officers, helping to precisely define coaching objectives and establish adequate progress reporting. Our results-based platform aligns individual executive vision and organizational goals, while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the executive client.

Our work with executives is based on the latest research in executive coaching, 360 feedback assessments (the Leadership CircleTM), Co-Active coaching, Situational Leadership, Organizational Relationship System coaching, and ICF (International Coach Federation) Master Level accredited Coaching.

Executive coaching expected outcomes:

  • Creating a focused and compelling vision
  • Achieving sustainable behavioral changes
  • Becoming accountable for successfully performed action plans
  • Reaching personal fulfillment
  • Internalizing new habits through practice
  • Increasing and deepening self-awareness
  • Acquiring skills and abilities such as: focus, decision making, assertiveness, self-management, value recognition, positive thinking, effective communication, accountability, brainstorming, conflict resolution, meta-view, strategic planning, systematic thinking, leadership presence, and many more
  • Significant development of three levels of intelligence: emotional, social and relationship-system intelligence

Our executive clients

Lead Global has extensive experience in working with C-level executives, mid-level managers, hi-potentials, women in leadership positions, new managers, and many more. We have worked with executives from leading organizations in Europe, the United States, the Far East and Israel, within diverse professional sectors.

Lead Global is committed to results. Interested in learning more? Email us at [email protected] or call our office at (972)-3-6911344.