Coach Approach Training for HR Professionals

Coach Approach Training for HR Professionals


In a winning company, Human Resources Managers are not only administrative or operational figures. They are expected to influence the strategic side of things as well, often involving the practical application of company strategy and leadership development across the organization.

HR managers are positioned at a critical crossroad – working with senior management, team leaders and employees at all levels – they have significant potential to influence. Among other things, they are involved in turning vague ideas into an actionable vision, communicating sensitive feedback to senior management and below, handling conflict resolution and keeping a constant focus on company strategy, accountability, well-being, and values.

At Lead Global, we empower HR leaders with effective tools and methodologies from the domains of individual, executive and team coaching.

We specialize in training HR managers in the coach approach relevant to their roles. Therefore, our course content is adapted to the HR professional needs and is detailed below. The program offers training designed to create immediate impact of the acquired capabilities.

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