Coach-Approach Training for Innovators

Coach-Approach Training for Innovators

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Innovators can benefit greatly from a sub-set of coaching skills, which enhance “out of the box” thinking and continuous change management – and serve as a powerful mechanism for success.

Today’s modern business world is driven by innovation. Whether in high-tech or finance, industry or government – innovation is perceived as a key value for profit, organizational development and business expansion.

Lead Global offers unique coach approach training program for innovators and professionals managing and developing cutting-edge issues, products and services. We believe that innovation starts with a unique organizational, managerial and employee mindset that stimulates originality and benefits the system as a whole. The skills we teach include “out of the box” thinking, brainstorming techniques, personal and collective empowerment, strategic thinking, system awareness, fear, anxiety and limitation recovery, pro-activity generation, collaborative facilitation and more.

Our coach approach programs are tailored to specific and diverse innovation needs within organizations: teams working on a cutting-edge product, departments designing and implementing a new service strategy, managers who want to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking, CEOs that wish to implement innovation as a leading organizational value, and much more.

Using a synergized tool and skills derived from various coaching and development models from the fields such as Positive Psychology, Social Intelligence, Relationship System Coaching, Co-Active Coaching, Change Management, and Leadership Development, our coach approach helps managers and employees see themselves as the innovators they can become – and adopt a mindset that sets their thinking free.

Coaching helps enhance innovation in diverse business and organizational arenas, including:

  • Training for inter-organizational innovation coaches
  • Efficient decision-making processes for executives
  • Enhancement for business, marketing and sales departments
  • Expanding R&D horizons
  • HR and Operations departments
  • Organizational strategy and strategic thinking
  • Non-profit and donor cultivation activities
  • Business & enterprise collaboration within and outside of the organization
  • Small & medium business management & growth
  • Product development and implementation

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