Coach-Approach for Organizations

Coach-Approach for Organizations

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Training executives and leaders within organizations in coaching skills is widely recognized as a powerful strategy for increasing personal and collective development, retention, engagement and overall performance.

Lead Global offers unique skill training workshops that train executives and leaders to integrate coaching skills into their management roles. Our main objective is to inspire managers to adopt mentorship/coaching as a vital, game changing aspect of their leadership, and to provide them with a skill-set that they can use to motivate their employees and co-workers to achieve higher performance, improve relationships and enhance competencies.

Our custom tailored programs offer practical applications adapted to specific organizational contexts. We provide managers with skills and tools applicable to their business realities and managerial demands, based on the way they wish to lead and develop their personnel.

Our training is based on the latest research on Emotional, Social and System Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Change Management, System Coaching, Leadership Development and other significantly proven models within the executive coach-training domain.
Coaching Benefits.

Coaching helps make management more effective and enhances various aspects of employee competency and performance:

  • Helps employees create a compelling vision
  • Facilitates sustainable behavioral changes
  • Creates and executes accountable action plans
  • Enables personal fulfillment and internalizes new habits
  • Deepens self-awareness
  • Established pro-activity rather than reactivity
  • Generates constructive, positive and productive relationships

Lead Global is committed to results. Over the years, we have helped managers within numerous organizations develop as motivators and leaders.
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