Collaboration Lab

Collaboration Lab

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Lead Global’s Collaboration Lab offers a way within and across teams to achieve effective collaboration in a safe simulation space. The lab helps to enhance communication, find commonalities, create inspiring vision, generate new forms of functional interaction and bridge across cultural and relationship hurdles.

Organizational teams are made up of people with different perspectives, goals and personalities. It is therefore not surprising that when they are required to move towards working together within the same team or collaborate across teams, difficulties often arise.

The Lead Global Collaboration Lab is a unique team coaching workshop that offers teams an opportunity to find a collective voice via “safe experimentation”. The Lab’s ultimate goal is to help team members internalize tools and content that will help them move forward in unison.

The process begins with an assessment of the issues, crisis, and difficulties at hand. The second step involves experiential education and skill training, in which workshop goals are defined. It is where the “fun” begins: team members implement new forms of communication and bridge building in real-time simulation laboratory context.

We like to call what goes on in the Lab “real play” rather than “role play”. Members experience change of perspectives and assess effectiveness in real time. They can engage in conflict and “have a good fight” under lab conditions without worrying about the consequences. They get to leave their inhibitions behind and sound their authentic voice – all under experienced guidance and supervision.

Over the years, the Lab has created a shift in teams’ mind-set, setting the stage for commitment, clarification of role interactions, increased positivity and enhanced productivity throughout various missions.

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