Leadership Circle Profile

Leadership Circle Profile

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In order to conduct precise and effective assessment, Lead Global utilizes the Leadership Circle Profile™.

Lead Global is certified to administer The Leadership Profile™, which is an effective leadership assessment tool. The Leadership Profile™, which was developed on the basis of research conducted at Harvard University, thus contributing to its scientific validity, is based on diverse profiles of executives and managers within companies experiencing varying degrees of success.

The Leadership Circle’s 360-degree assessments serve as an informative basis for further business development. They enhance leadership effectiveness beyond the traditional approaches, which focus primarily on competency.

To create faster and more credible results, organizational leaders must analyze their behaviors and motivations in an in-depth fashion. The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360-degree assessment helps executives understand the correlation between their thinking habits and their behaviors.

The feedback and coaching process provides executives with tools and skills that create steady, in-depth desired change. By receiving systematic feedback, leaders see the “areas” in which their influence is effective, as well as what they need to accomplish in order to leap forward in other managerial arenas.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360-degree assessment supplies a clear and concise picture of the manager’s strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. The assessment focuses on reactive behaviors as opposed to pro-active & creative behaviors. It enhances relationship-establishment abilities, self-awareness, system-awareness, authenticity, motivation, effective communication, presence and more.

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