On Thin Rope

On Thin Rope

Can balancing on a tightrope enhance your leadership skills? What do circus balls and teamwork skills have in common? Lead Global’s ‘On Thin Rope’ workshop uses circus techniques to help organization teams and staff better connect with one another and discover their unique capabilities. It’s very effective – and also a lot of fun.

“On Thin Rope” is a leadership and team-building workshop based on circus skills. Developed by Lead Global, “On Thin Rope” facilitates a direct connection between participants via active participation, which does not normally occur throughout the daily work routine.on thin rope

The workshop enforces inter-personal positivity, commitment and attentiveness, while allowing participants to experience central aspects pertaining to teamwork and personal & collective leadership via circus and body language. Using circus accessories such as stilts and circus balls, the workshop provides an opportunity to take a step back from daily work routine and experience collective enjoyment and empowerment.

The workshop is facilitated by Eran Lavee, an accomplished choreographer, artistic director and circus motion and activities expert.
Eran has 30 years of experience in choreography and artistic direction for special events, theatre and circus productions. Eran also has extensive teaching experience, and is also a performing artist himself. He is joined by one of Lead Global’s coaching and leadership development experts.

Workshop goals include:

  • Releasing control and allow others to lead
  • Dealing with the difficulty of trusting other team members (achieved via experiential methods)
  • Discovering and experiencing methods of alleviating feelings of distress
  • Effectively coping with dynamic realities
  • Dealing with diverse data/multiple missions
  • Enhancing flexibility & problem solving skills

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