Team Bridging

Team Bridging

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More often than not, specific teams within organizations feel they have very little in common, which poses a challenge when designated to work towards a common objective. At Lead Global, we believe that where there’s a gap there an opportunity – and that collaboration is the foundation for multi-team success.

Imagine the following scenario: two or more teams are required to work together, yet despite coming from the same organization, may feel indifference, puzzlement, competitiveness and even hostility towards one another. They may not have the tools to begin a fruitful collaboration, let alone sustain one. They may not even want to try. Sounds familiar?

At Lead Global, we use our unique coaching and training methods to begin a process that brings different teams – with different systems, leadership and team spirit –closer in order to collaborate effectively. We base our process on an expertise in relationship and system coaching and ensure a sustainable collaboration that will bring the organization newfound success.

Specific outcomes of our team bridging may include:

  • Enhanced collaborative team leadership, positivity and production
  • Empowered, authentic communication across teams
  • Goal-oriented collaboration via a mutual “multi-team” spirit
  • Improved crisis resolution and management skills
  • Identification of future “gaps” as opportunities for progress and change

Lead Global is committed to results. The teams we work with forge relationships that create win-win situations for all.
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