Team Diagnostics™

Team Diagnostics™

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Lead Global views teams as powerful engines that drive successful organizations; teams produce results that individuals acting alone simply do not achieve. So what creates team excellence? The answer is positive and productive relationships. The good news is that team relationships, among other valuable indicators, can be assessed and diagnosed.

A team is not a machine with replaceable parts; it is a living system with heart, desire and boundless potential. The most successful organizations in the next 20 years will be those that have learned to maximize the power of teams. That’s where the leverage is.

At Lead Global, we use an assessment through which a team can rate itself and work on where they choose to develop and create stronger impact. Our mission is to provide organizations and leaders with the mindset, skills and tools for establishing sustainable, inspired, and high-performing collaborative teams.

About the Team Diagnostic Assessment:
The assessment of choice at Lead Global, is one created by Team Coaching International named “The Team Diagnostics”. This assessment provides a clear and detailed report of the team’s current state in terms of its relationship quality and its productivity level as perceived by all team members.

Research shows that the most successful teams have the means in place to take actions and the effective relationships to motivate and sustain those actions. Successful teams know how to create alignment, maintain collaborative leadership, and establish a culture of growth.

The two essential ingredients that all high performing teams share are: (1) Relationship “Positivity”, measured by factors such as trust, optimism, inclusion of diversity and constructive communication. (2) The second aspect, “Productivity”, is measured by the degree of proactivity, leadership, accountability, alignment and bottom-line results. High performing teams are those who consistently maintain high levels of positivity and productivity.

Both Positivity and Productivity levels can be measured, and teams are capable of reaching high levels of both. What sets TDA apart from other assessments is its perception of the team as a “system” – a living dynamic organism with characteristics that transcend those of any individual members. The team is viewed as its own entity with spoken and unspoken rules, vision, ideas, blind spots, expectations and necessities.

The Systems Approach is validated by considerable research that identifies a positive work environment as a prerequisite for sustained productivity and employee retention (Buckingham 2001, Goleman 2002).

Lead Global is committed to accurate assessment and diagnostics, as a basis for excellent results. Interested in learning more about Team Diagnostics? Email us at [email protected] or call our office at (972)-3-6911344.