Training for Team Leaders

Training for Team Leaders

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A coach approach to team leadership helps team leaders create a positive team atmosphere, accompanied by motivation, excellence and vision.

Professional teams are expected to deliver results and complete the mission assigned to them, within strict timeframes and budgets, while coming up with new and creative ideas along the way. Team leaders must ensure their teams are functioning professionally, pro-actively, with minimal crisis and turmoil. Dedicated to their teams’ goals, objectives and vision – team leaders carry a large responsibility, if there ever was one.

In order to help their teams navigate through stormy seas that include conflict, crisis, stress, unrest and competition, team leaders must add something extra to the proven “hard results” and “commitment to success” outlook. Team leaders can benefit greatly from skills that help them build a collaborative leadership engine for their teams, turning them into independent, creative and sustainable units.

At Lead Global, we believe in helping team leaders grow their teams towards independence and sustainability. We train team leaders to become more attentive to critical aspects that make up high performing teams. We offer a unique set of team coaching skills taken from relationship system coaching theories, positive psychology, leadership development and social and emotional intelligences.

Our team coaching training focuses on helping team leaders establish positive relationships within the team, empower individual team members, transform crisis into opportunity, create a collective team vision, alignment, accountability, and more. The result? A more happy and competent team – and significantly better outcomes.

Coach approach training can help empower team leaders within diverse teams:

  • Senior and mid-level management teams
  • R&D teams
  • Sales & marketing teams
  • Innovation teams
  • Cross-cultural teams
  • Virtual teams
  • HR and L&D teams
  • Special project teams
  • And more

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