Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams

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In today’s global business environment, where online communication is king, many corporations and companies employ teams whose members work in different continents and collaborate via Skype, email and internet-based services. These virtual teams are diverse and creative – yet are they effective?

Virtual teams are a new and innovative concept, yet they are employed throughout the globe and are expected to perform with the same level of productivity as local teams, if not higher. While virtual teams’ inherent diversity may be an asset from a creative standpoint, there are many factors that can hinder performance. Some examples are lack of unified language, weak relationships and long distance management. Yet it is clear that virtual teams can do wonders and perform extremely effectively; when given the tools to do so.

At Lead Global, we have extensive experience in working with cross-cultural teams working in different countries. Our relationship-based coaching and training helps virtual teams overcome numerous communication, language, continuity, technology and management hardships. We also utilize our Systems Approach to team development, as we regard the team as a living dynamic organism with a unique team spirit and characteristics that transcend those of any individual members including the virtual domain.

Specific outcomes of our work with virtual teams may include:

  • Establishment of a unique team spirit, as a foundation for enhanced production
  • Identification of the virtual team strengths by its members
  • Creation of a unified language allowing to achieve clear role definitions, responsibilities, work protocols, documentation and action plans, and more
  • Implementation of skills and tools for bridging cultural differences and treating diversity as an asset
  • Becoming competent in leveraging different team functions
  • Increasing positivity and connection and achieving a team desired impact in the larger-scale, global context

Lead Global is committed to results. The virtual teams we work with consistently experience sustainable outcomes that help them move forward to newfound success. Interested in learning more? Email us at [email protected] or call our office at (972)-3-6911344.