What is Relationship Coaching?

What is Relationship Coaching?

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At Lead Global, we believe that the foundation for business and personal success lies in interpersonal relationships.
Lead Global helps design communication bridges and construct engines for fruitful collaborations between people. Executives, teams and partners who communicate authentically create win-win situations for themselves and their respective organizations.

What is relationship coaching?
Relationship coaching is a process that enhances communication for professionals and individuals with their partners and colleagues, and yields a sense of fulfillment in their relationships. Relationship coaching provides relationship members with a myriad of tools that help them create constructive, empowering and fruitful relationships at home and in the workplace.

A key success factor in creating productive relationships is the partners’ ability to drive their relationship together in a conscious and intentional manner, while empowering each other. Relationships and partnerships thrive when their members know how to manifest similarities and differences into extraordinary performance.

The BIG relationship question: How can individuals “fit” together as partners, while simultaneously catering to their unique needs?
Lead Global helps business and life partners create thriving relationships that yield extraordinary results. The coaching process helps partners align around common vision and goals, build resiliency to the ever-changing dynamics of their environment, and create a desired impact in their world.

As part of the process, partners gain clarity and effectiveness through inspiring and useful role definitions, constructive communication skills, honest feedback practices, authentic acknowledgement practice, management of communication toxins, establishment of communication builders, empathy, co-visioning, co-leading, and much more.

Lead Global offers a unique relationship coaching approach, which has shown to increase relationship pro-activity, fun and friendship, and provides partners with the required structures and tools for creating collaborative leadership capable of quickly recovering from crisis when needed.

Possible outcomes may include:

  • Clarity of roles between relationship partners
  • Employing ways for crisis and conflict management
  • Establishment of a partnership-empowering plan
  • Definition of mutual vision and values
  • Being in a pro-active collaboration
  • Excelling in partnership communication
  • Enhanced ability to embrace differences

Lead Global is committed to results. Interested in learning more about relationship coaching?
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