Team Coaching

Team coaching helps create a sustainable environment that cultivates long-term team excellence and success.

Lead helps teams develop resilience to the ever-changing dynamics of the organizational world. Our programs facilitate extraordinary performance, create alignment between teams and their goals, and enhance collective pro-activity.

Collaborative Leadership Team Coaching

Professional teams are expected to deliver results and complete missions within strict timeframes and budgets, and nevertheless, come up with new and creative ideas along the way. Teams must ensure pr …

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On Thin Rope

Can balancing on a tightrope enhance your leadership skills? What do circus balls and teamwork skills have in common? Lead Global’s ‘On Thin Rope’ workshop uses circus techniques to help organization …

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What is Team Coaching?

Team coaching helps teams reach their goals, while creating a sustainable environment that cultivates long-term excellence and success. The team coaching process helps teams align around a common purp …

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Team Bridging

More often than not, specific teams within organizations feel they have very little in common, which poses a challenge when designated to work towards a common objective. At Lead Global, we believe th …

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Virtual Teams

In today’s global business environment, where online communication is king, many corporations and companies employ teams whose members work in different continents and collaborate via Skype, email and …

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