Innovation Requires Communication  

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A global hi-tech company joined hands with Lead Global to enhance its team and manager communication skills – and ended up giving its innovation hub a major boost.

The client: a global hi-tech company
Location: India, China, Germany, Israel, Global Virtual Teams

Three-Day Team Retreat
The collaboration between Lead Global and a leading global hi-tech company began in 2014, when the company commissioned a workshop for a team of 30 employees that was located in Israel and the United States, and that was suffering from severe communication difficulties.

Dr. Treister-Goren, CEO of Lead Global, interviewed the team’s three leaders and designed a 3-day retreat, where team members gradually shed all communication misunderstandings and began to understand the inter-cultural messages and values that lie at the core of their professional efforts. Each team group (Israel and USA) began to comprehend the types of communication that alienated the other side. At the retreat’s end, the team was already working better together as one.

Coach-Approach Training
The retreat’s success did not go unnoticed, and in 2015, Lead Global was commissioned to conduct Coach-Approach training for 15 of the company’s senior managers. The managers reported a meaningful change in managerial style, communication and more. As part of their training, the managers received personal supervision during the initial implementation of their new management skills.

Entrepreneurial Coaching
The next step was entrepreneurial coaching. One of the company’s key values is innovation, and as such, it has established an in-house innovation hub, where employees can act as entrepreneurs and come up with new ideas. After pitching their idea to management, some receive funds and are encouraged to develop their ideas into full-fledged products or services. The company hired Lead Global to provide coaching to the employees (most of whom are engineers), who had become entrepreneurs and had to act accordingly. The coaching included developing “out of the box” thinking, brainstorming skills, empowerment skills, strategic thinking, system awareness, fear, anxiety and limitation overcoming, collaboration facilitation and more.

The entrepreneurial training took place in India, Germany, China and Israel, and therefore had to be adapted to diverse cultures. There was a fine balance between using a unified method on one hand, and adapting it to different culture sensitivities, on the other. The project outcomes were very positive, and the tools distributed to the entrepreneurs proved extremely useful in the short as well as the long term.

The Lead Process

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