Coach Approach Training

At Lead Global, we believe that the foundation for business and personal success lies in interpersonal relationships.

Lead Global helps design communication bridges and construct engines for fruitful collaborations between people. Executives, teams and partners who communicate authentically create win-win situations for themselves and their respective organizations.

Coach Approach Training for HR Professionals

  In a winning company, Human Resources Managers are not only administrative or operational figures. They are expected to influence the strategic side of things as well, often involving the pract …

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HR Development Training

Lead Global’s HR Development Training equips Human Resource professionals with unique coaching skill sets that open up new dimensions of positive organizational influence. Human Resource managers are …

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Coach-Approach Training for Innovators

Innovators can benefit greatly from a sub-set of coaching skills, which enhance “out of the box” thinking and continuous change management – and serve as a powerful mechanism for success. Today’s mode …

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Conflict Management Skills

Managers and leaders within organizations encounter conflict and crisis on a regular basis. The secret is not to try to avoid such encounters, but rather to face them head-on and turn them into opport …

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Training for Team Leaders

A coach approach to team leadership helps team leaders create a positive team atmosphere, accompanied by motivation, excellence and vision. Professional teams are expected to deliver results and compl …

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Coach-Approach for Organizations

Training executives and leaders within organizations in coaching skills is widely recognized as a powerful strategy for increasing personal and collective development, retention, engagement and overal …

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